JeruZalem (2015)
The story of a young couple, college student, who had a trip to the Holy City of Jerusalem to travel and study the city. But then, when you get there, it’s fine enough to get it right. That all over the city is about to have a ceremony that the gates of Hell will open. Without you guys knowing that It is about to transform this heavenly city on earth to ‘City of Hell on Earth’ in the bad overnight when the most demons imagined. Has come out of hell And came walking around the city and started chasing you.

No One Lives (2012)
Almost a hundred percent of horror movies enjoy the bloodshed between the good and the villain. But this movie will bring back the same old story Until it came out as a savage flavor Satisfying the heart that never repeats anyone The whole story started with a group of rude, smiling bandits who came to sit and relax in a bar. After finishing the stealth trade, killing the people, but not in time. One of their gangs began to look for new victims. A teenage couple eating food in a dark corner of a bar. Where the knowledge is trapped in a young man Before kidnapping the girl Without knowing that As is true Lad, someone known by everyone Serial killer The moment when the young woman is Its current victim This job, the gang of criminals was cruel. From those who, also with mental illnesses, and are too cruel to humans

The Houses October Built (2014)
What a movie that is appropriate to look at on the night of the release of ghosts really !! Have you ever thought that If in the middle of Halloween night Instead, there were not only those who were dressed as ghosts only that However, one of them actually turned out to be a real ghost or Satan who asked to join. Including this movie on this topic The story that I said so happened !! When a group of friends emerged, flooded into a haunted house on Halloween night. And then they have encountered something …

Eden Lake (2008)
When a happy honeymoon of a man and woman in Lake Eden Being harassed by local gangsters … From a small problem with just a bunch of dogs Turn into an exciting story When they do not agree with each other Killing can be underestimated So it changed to imitate the 18 Hell City, coming up to the Heavenly Lake.